Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Things to do with tomatoes, volume 1

Tomatoes are, to me, the most versatile and important thing that we grow in our garden.  As a huge fan of Italian food and cooking, tomatoes are a staple item to me year-round.  Prior to growing tomatoes, I absolutely, positively never ate them raw.  And honestly, looking at some of those pale pink things that restaurants throw on salads, who would want to?  However, I've expanded my tomato horizons dramatically since discovering the delectable quality of home-grown varieties.

this is all that's left from last year!

Last year was a disappointing one for tomatoes in the backyard - too much rain and a bad location in the garden bed did not yield many.  But that did not stop me from getting some - I'd buy giant bags from the farmer's market and do my very favorite thing - peel and seal them into jars for use when fresh tomatoes aren't so plentiful.  It is not that hard to do and worth the effort for a taste of summer in your January chili (PS: the best tomatoes for this job are Roma or paste-type tomatoes as they contain less water and more tomato).

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