Thursday, June 28, 2012

Moving day.

Things were getting a little dicey in the Baltic Ave. raised bed.  Namely, due to complete neglect on my part, the thyme got a tiny bit out of control...

What you see in front is just some out-of-control asparagus.  It got a haircut too.

It had basically become an aromatic, flowering shrub that was overtaking everything around it.

So, I did what any sensible person would do...

Anyone remember Medusa?

I gave it a significant trim and ripped it out of the ground.

However, I didn't want to lose it entirely... rather, I wanted to move it to a location where it might be easier to maintain (having it enclosed in the netting basically involved me having to climb into the box to trim it, hence the flowering and extreme size).   I have absolutely no idea if what I did was safe or healthy for the plant, but I essentially transplanted it to another part of our yard, where it can be neighbors with some other unwieldy, aromatic plants.

L to R: thyme, tarragon, sage, lavender
I have little (aka "no") knowledge when it comes to transplanting entire plants.  I've put seedlings in the ground, but never really moved something so well-established (this thyme spent about 3 years in its previous location).  I made sure to water the new location (which also made it easier to dig a fairly deep hole) and water again once the plant was put in.  I'll keep an eye on this - it's my first experiment of this type, and win or lose I am sure I will learn something.  Although this plant was growing in pretty rough conditions, largely untended, so I have to imagine it is pretty hardy.  If this is successful, there may be some more moving in the future... and if not, I'll be buying a thyme plant at the garden store sometime soon! (this is one herb that is very handy to have for cooking, and excellent fresh or dry)

PS: You should never let herbs turn into flowers!  It is important to trim all of them.  Thyme, basil, and oregano are all apt to flower and it's best to catch them soon and cut them off.

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