Monday, June 25, 2012

More mint.

Here is my second-favorite thing to do with fresh mint.  Pick a few sprigs and wash them off.  Then crumple them up in your hand ("crumple" being a rather technical term, I know) to release the flavors.  Place these mint sprigs in a pitcher of water with 5-6 tea bags (I prefer to do this with plain old black tea but you can use whatever you have, or whatever you like).  Fill the pitcher with water and place it outside on a hot day.  In a few hours you will have Mint-Infused Sun Tea.

Now, of course, Sun Tea is just a romantic idea that we all love to make in the summer... but really, you could accomplish the same thing in a much shorter time with a kettle of hot water.  But isn't there a certain joy of anticipation that comes along with waiting an entire afternoon for a pitcher of tea that you will then need to either refrigerate or cool down with ice cubes to make it drinkable for summer weather?

You can see we have a pretty sophisticated apparatus for this project (as well as - sorry - a pretty crumb-filled kitchen counter on this particular day):

This pitcher's permanent ring-around-the-collar has destined it to a life of tea.

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