Monday, April 29, 2013


A little over a week ago, I finally made it to the garden center to see what I needed to add to my soil based on the test results I'd received.  The entire collection cost about $30.
The big one is peat moss, the smaller packages are Urea and Sulfur.  Coffee cup is optional.
Unfortunately, the only day that I could do this was pretty dry and windy.  Which meant rock hard soil and peat moss everywhere.  I followed the directions based on the size of our garden plot - 16 feet x 16 feet.  I scattered all 3 on top of the soil and then did my best to rake them into the top 1-2 inches.
The brown is peat moss, the Urea is yellow-ish flakes, and the sulfur is little white beads
This project took a little longer than expected.  I did one side at a time.  Here's the halfway point:
Makes the gray clay soil look downright sad, doesn't it?
It was so windy that when I finished I felt like I needed to water the whole thing down just so all my hard work didn't blow away.  The result:
Notice the garlic growing down the center! And the owl back at his post.
 So now I guess we just sit back and wait for a totally successful growing season?

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