Monday, May 27, 2013

Tomatoes on the Move

Last week and this past weekend were filled with garden activity!  I gradually moved most of my seedlings into the outdoor garden bed.  It was between 6 and 7 weeks from planting to transplanting for most of them.  I started with the tomatoes, as they were the biggest.

This photo is a little color-enhanced so you can see the plants better.  In case you thought it was actually that bright in Ohio.

Dan suggested that 8 seemed like too many, so I managed to limit myself to 10 (see how that math worked?)  4 of these are San Marzano, 3 are Cherokee Purple, 2 are German Johnson, and 2 are German Green.  Per the advice of my gardening class, I planted the tomatoes on an East-West line, with the shorter plants (San Marzano) in the front. 

Even the "biggest" seedlings looked teeny tiny when planted outside.  For each plant, I dug a hole about 4 inches deep, threw some compost in the bottom, and then gently added the plants, keeping them in their peat pots, which will eventually just become part of the soil.  I watered them right after the transplanting, and made sure to keep them watered as we went through a hot spell with no rain.

Eventually I will add the same twine lattice system here that I used for the peas and cucumbers, but I figure I can put that off until the plants are a little taller.

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  1. I always get carried away with my tomato plants. I'm sure four would be plenty for the two of us, but I can't plant only four! I did restrain myself a bit this year. I think I stopped at 20 plants, LOL!