Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday centerfold

We are so in love with our rose bush.

So much so that I even used one to decorate a cake! (but I was too stingy to sacrifice more than one)
(the recipe that inspired this beauty can be found here)
With the right photo effects, you can blur a messy kitchen into oblivion!


  1. Do you know the name of this rose? Does it smell like raspberries? I have a 20-plus year old rose that looks just like it, and someone recently asked me the name. I don't remember!

    1. The name of the rose is "Chihuly." The smell is quite sweet and kind of mild in terms of "rose-iness" but I'm not sure I would have placed it as raspberries (I'll go outside and give it another whiff! :) )

    2. Thanks, but that isn't the same as mine. I wish I could remember, LOL! I think mine had a Spanish name, something like Ole', but Googling that one brought me nothing.