Friday, October 5, 2012

Garlic, round two

Fall = garlic time!  If you are thinking of planting any, do it now!  For those of you who also plant ornamental flowers, remember that garlic is a bulb too... so in the fall when you are planting your tulips, pick up some garlic from your local garden center (not the grocery store!). 

I saved some of this year's crop for planting.

I dug holes 4-5 inches deep ("the lazy girl's 6 inches"), and about 6 inches apart.  In the bottom of each hole you dig, place one garlic clove, root end down.  Then cover it with soil, wait 6-7 months, and you're set!

For the record, I planted significantly less than last year.  I did not keep count, but I'm guessing maybe 30-40.  Nowhere near 90.  Also, last year I planted the garlic around the whole border of the garden, but two areas in particular did not grow well at all, so I skipped those and just planted along two sides of the square this time around. 

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