Monday, October 29, 2012


I have every intention of still writing this blog, but I am working on a few things: 1) What do I write in my gardening blog when I live in Ohio and it is practically November?  I do have some ideas, but there isn't the most exciting stuff happening right now... 2) How can I post any pictures of anything when it has been raining for the last 800 days and I can't manage to take any?

Stuff is growing, I still have some more to plant, and were it not 40 degrees and raining (truly, it's seemed like forever) I'd be out there doing it right now.  So, I promise I'll be back, just probably not tomorrow...

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  1. I found your blog tonight. Read the Brussels sprouts post. It was good. I thought the pictures, the dates, and comments were all quite good. Love the bright yellow background! Write more! Some cities make it illegal to collect rain water, can you imagine! Good luck to you!