Saturday, August 18, 2012


The completely insane summer weather we have been having here in Ohio sure has been good for one thing: lemons. 

There are 7 Meyer Lemons growing on my plant, and they are all about the same size right now, which is comparable to an average lime.  I really do not know how big Meyer lemons are supposed to get, but I know that they typically ripen during the winter months.  Not sure if these guys are just a little precocious, or if they are on schedule.  We'll find out!  I'm so excited about this, and I guess it's one benefit to this summer's tropical climate (in my opinion, one of the only benefits... but that's another story).  All I have been doing to this plant is watering occasionally, keeping up with biweekly feedings of Miracid, and trimming a few branches back.  When/if it ever gets colder here, I'll put it  back inside.  Eventually these can grow into tree size, so for next year I am imagining a bigger pot.  Right now the plant is still probably only in the range of 2 feet tall.  This is an experiment I am glad I tried! 

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