Thursday, August 9, 2012

Another tomato recipe

All right, I admit it... none of the tomatoes in this picture were actually used in this recipe, since they were picked after it was made.  But they could have been, and certainly their family members were.
Maybe I called something else "my favorite thing to do with tomatoes," but that was in error.  If I did make that statement it is only because for a minute I forgot about my actual favorite thing to do with tomatoes.

Tomato jam.

There are so, so many good things to make with tomatoes.  Many of those things are amazing and delicious.  But if I had to pick one as my absolute favorite, it would unquestionably be Tomato Jam.

Follow the link above to the recipe... this isn't quite as ancient as the last one I posted, but it's still been out there in the world for a few years.  I cannot believe it took me until 2011 to discover it!  If you have extra tomatoes and an appreciation for fine condiments, you must try this recipe.  Halve it if you're unsure about what seems to be a weird combination of ingredients.  If you make it and are not crazy about it, I am positive you know someone who will be and you can pass the jar along to them.

I doubled the recipe (approximately) and ended up with about 2.5 pints.  Not enough.
Tomato jam is excellent on a cracker.  It is a perfect complement to sharp cheddar cheese.  Spread on the inside of bread when you make a grilled cheese sandwich, tomato jam turns your ordinary dinner into something extremely gourmet.  And if you dare to smear it on toast when making yourself a homemade egg-and-cheese sandwich... well, the result will probably have you running to the store for more tomatoes, ginger and lime so you can make another batch.  It's that good.  Don't expect me to share mine with you, but I do encourage you to try it yourself.

(also, I should mention that you do not actually have to go through the trouble of canning and sealing this stuff... if you make a small batch you can just keep in the refrigerator.)

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