Friday, March 15, 2013

More on compost.

I realize there are only so many times a person can mention "compost" either in conversation or on a blog, before losing the interest of the listener/reader.  I know I am either over or dangerously approaching my limit.  So I'll step off the soapbox in the very near future, I promise.  But not before imparting a few more kernels of wisdom.

1.  I received some great advice from a friend regarding my makeshift compost heap.  Soon we will be adding a plastic sheet between the compost and the wall of the garage, to prevent any staining or seepage from the pile of rotting stuff currently leaning against it (thanks, Alice). 

2.  But, we won't have to worry about it for long, because that location is temporary!  I learned of a program in my county where if you attend a workshop about composting, you then have the option to buy a pretty huge compost bin for only $50.  So, yay Northeast Ohio for encouraging this practice, and yay for me who will soon get a deal!  (although I think we'll have to keep up the orange bucket system, since I don't really want the big compost container right by the house)  I am currently leaning towards the "Dirt Machine," what do you think?

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