Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The cauliflower incident

Despite the lack of postings, there is still action in the garden.  Unfortunately, some of it comes in the form of pest-related problems.  I have had 4 cauliflower plants growing since... uh, March.  So far they don't look anything like cauliflower, but one in particular looked downright nasty.

(beware, sensitive readers!  explicit content after the jump...)

No, that's not dirt.  It is some kind of really nefarious, really icky insect activity.  I pulled open those leaves (with gloves on) and found what looked like nests and larvae... and a lot of other bug-related material that I wanted nowhere near my other plants.

So I did what I always do in scary plant situations.  I uprooted the entire plant and threw it far away.  There was no sign of this on the other plants, and I hope things stay that way.

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